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The Mururoa Nuclear Veterans Group Inc was founded in July 2013 by fellow Veterans fighting for the recognition they deserve from the New Zealand Government.

Our aim is to ensure the health of our families and children are taken care of under the auspices of Veterans Affairs New Zealand.

This must be done while we are still around to put this in place.


Long term effects of this exposure from Mururoa is still unknown but there are proven links from Nuclear Testing programmes conducted by Great Britain, France and USA and previous atmospheric bombing  in Japan.

The Government commissioned The Pilaster Review to investigate sea water contamination. This has yet to be suitably resolved.

To this end genetic studies are being undertaken by a control group to test for genetic pairing anomalies occurring from exposure to Ionised Radiation by  ingestion through food and water.

As a Society we need funding for Generational Testing of our Veterans and their descendants in order to establish the link between exposure and illness. e


Prime Minister of the day Norm Kirk aboard Otago with a rating assembled on the upper deck prior to departure said "Have no fear of where you are going and what will transpire, you will be okay. If for any reason there is a problem we (the New Zealand Government) WILL LOOK AFTER YOU.

More than 40 years on, health issues and the causes has still not been adequately answered. Investigations into exposure to ionised radiation still need to be addressed.


Vice President:  Secretary:             

Gavin Smith

Michael Bain & Donna Weir

Fred Wilkings



Veterans Welfare:

Brendon Kane

Michael Bain

Tony Cox


Web Admin:

Allan Reynish

Peter Elbourn

Tony Cox

Fred Wilkings

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