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Canterbury on way to atol
Cant and supply

HMNZS Otago, HMNZS Canterbury & HMAS Supply - Mururoa Atoll 1973

Our Story:

In June 1973 a Labour Government decided to send frigates to protest against testing of Atmospheric Nuclear Devices in the Pacific.

HMNZS Otago & HMNZS Canterbury along with HMAS Supply  in a support role, were tasked with this mission to Mururoa Atoll.

This mission, considered a success by Politicians is clouded now by the ill health of Veterans and their families.

The New Zealand Government has a duty of care to support us as Veterans who have on going health issues attributable to our service in their deployment to Mururoa.

If you would like to donate to our Veterans please click to email our Treasurer

Can you help us find the crew of HMNZS Otago & HMNZS Canterbury?

To have the New Zealand Government recognise & support the health issues we face along with our Children & Grandchildren.

MNVG Inc. Official Website

The Mururoa Nuclear Veterans Group wishes to advise all former shipmates and crew of HMNZS Otago and HMNZS Canterbury who served during the Mururoa Protest of 1973 that this will be the NEW OFFICIAL PAGE for Mururoa Nuclear Veterans Group Inc.

We would also like to advise that previous Group President, Wayne O’Donnell resigned his post in 2016 and has subsequently left the group along with previous Secretary Loretta Smith - No medical information or contact details should be passed onto them.

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